Brokerage Services

We represent new products and services within the Hemp and Cannabis markets. From Raw Material purchases to contract grade THC Grow-agreements. We connect products with marketplace placement. Our strong network allows our Clients to have access into a market that otherwise is difficult to enter at a fraction of the time.

Market swings in pricing are common among the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner that provided you market prices that are current and seasonal for your forecast?

United Green (CeePee Industries, LLC) is a licensed broker (License #: HPHL-001014) in Michigan licensed to sell compliant material throughout the United States. We represent farms throughout the United States and aim to connect our farms to established buyers. Through any request of Raw Material our team provides proper COA’s, updated pictures, videos, POL, or whatever you may request.

  • Raw Materials: Biomass, Dried Flower, Trim, Fiber, Post Extracted Material, Fresh Frozen.
  • Processed Materials: Distillate, Kief, Concentrates, Terpenes, Isolate, Crude, Cannabinoids.
  • Seeds/Plants: CBD Seeds.
  • Sanitizers: Gel and Liquid FDA Approved: From 1.25 ounces to 1 Gallon Jugs with Pumps. Hand Soap: 8oz, 16oz, 1 Gallon containers. Hand Sanitizer wipes FDA Approved: 20 count, 60 count, 80 count.


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