Have you ever thought about getting into cannabis, but don’t know where or how to start in Michigan? There are many, many different avenues to go down whether you’re just getting started, have experience already, or are well-versed in all things green. At The United Green, we staff all business areas of the cannabis industry with the major areas being: Secure Transport, Lab Testing, Grow, Provisioning, and Processing. Let’s break these down a bit further, shall we?

Secure Transport: this involves the transportation and security of cannabis and cash. In this line of work, we work directly with companies that need to follow strict guidelines as it pertains to route information and documenting and keeping tabs on every single aspect of each drive that drivers in this fieldwork with and around.

Grow/Cultivation: probably the most well-known aspect of the business. We help business find their master growers and cultivation team members locally to their grow space. This is the root of the whole industry being the plant itself and every step after that.

Provisioning: this is just another way of saying dispensary. Which, again, we help both sides. We help our clients find the best talent and culture fit to handle their daily operations as we help the individuals that are passionate about joining the cannabis industry.

Processing: without a doubt the broadest range of business within the cannabis industry. Processing can be anything from turning cannabis from the plant into a nice edible or it can mean taking the extract and creating wax or even wax cartridges. We assist our clients and candidates alike whether it be the brokerage services we offer to connect buyers and suppliers or finding a company’s unicorn to run their inventory for them.

Lab Testing: another diverse range of business functions within cannabis. Lab testing aids in keeping everybody compliant and safe within the industry. With quality and chemical testing as well as a wide range of other facets of the business, legal cannabis would not run without lab testing.

No matter the business function, we can find your unicorn or facilitate your next big career move. Reach out to The United Green today!

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