Coming up almost 88 years after the prohibition of alcohol, there is a not-so-new plant fighting for the same freedom among the people. Across the nation there are sweeping calls for the legalization of cannabis. With over 70% of states having legalized medical marijuana and half of those decriminalizing it, there is a broad notion that it will soon be federal as well. With that idea in mind, it comes down to state politics to decide how they want to handle it in each state. Furthermore, it will be on state politicians and representatives to get it past the finish line to make this harmless substance federally legal.

This puts a lot of people in an awkward situation… how to navigate all of the disparate legal guidelines to the cannabis industry. With each state having the autonomy to create and govern the laws and guidelines of cannabis within their own territory, how do we know by what means does one shift into the cannabis industry.

The flood gates seem to be bursting at the seems with individuals chomping at the bit for their piece of the proverbial cannabis pie. Here at The United Green, our mission is to help people navigate the process and protocols of getting employment within the cannabis industry as well as building a diverse network of industry trailblazers in the process.

Visit our website or give us a call today to see how we can aid you in your quest to find a profession in cannabis that is right for you!

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