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Cannabis Director of Cultivation – Cannabis Careers in California – The United Green

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Job Description

Our client in the greater San Bernardino, CA area is looking for a ROCKSTAR Director of Cultivation. The ideal candidate will manage all aspects of cultivation activities. This includes all plant health from seed to harvest. The Director of Cultivation will assist with creating SOPs for all cultivation processes and will coordinate with the Master Growers, Team Leads, Agents, and Specialists to generate all work schedules, assignments, and workflow. The Director of Cultivation is also responsible for assisting in creating, maintaining, enforcing, and tracking a legal and state-compliant environment.


  • Perform all tasks in the growth cycle from seed to sale
  • Hire, train and manage the cultivation team
  • Ensure the quantity, mix, and yield of strains will meet company goals and specifications
  • Oversee the entire growing process, making sure all plants are in proper growth stages
  • Establish all planting and harvesting schedules with development of SOP’s
  • Identify plant varieties to fit facility and market needs
  • Coordinate all clerical work, recordkeeping, inventory and financial data.
  • Explain and enforce safety regulations and policies.
  • Full time at facility
  • Required to report to facilty more than 5 days per week


  • 5+ Years’ experience in commercial cannabis production
  • 3+ Years’ managing a team in a cannabis environment
  • Demonstrate leadership by being on time to work, maintain highest hygiene standards, and keeping facility clean, safe, and organized.
  • Knowledge of IPM and plant treatment options
  • Knowledge of daily operations of cultivation including processes and procedures within the propagation, vegetation, and flowering phases.