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Cannabis Safety Testing Laboratory Quality Assurance/Control Manager- Cannabis Careers in Nevada-The United Green

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  • Salary: $70000 - $75000 Salaried, Performance Based Bonus
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  • Job ID: 04086
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Job Description

The Quality Assurance Manager is essential for the overall implementation and operations of the quality management system. Working under the Plant manager has primary responsibility to ensure all personnel are familiar with the quality assurance processes, quality control processes, and general technical operations. This position also requires keen attention to detail, thorough understanding of ISO 9001, and thorough understanding of all regulatory requirements.


  • Directly lead and manage the functional Quality Control organization on a day-to-day basis to meet all certifications and standards
  • Diverse knowledge of inspection and control methods, techniques, and documentation
  • Perform analysis of finished products, in-process and raw materials to check characteristics against testing specifications to assure quality prior to shipment.
  • Filing, data entry, and ordering
  • Trains employees by providing appropriate orientation
  • Learn and apply the quality management system which is in accord with ISO 9001 and state regulatory requirements.
  • Develop and maintain SOP, Manufacturing protocols and job specific training
  • Monitors and corrects performance issues real time, and appropriately documents issue and corrective action
  • Help to communicate, coordinate, and enforce systems, policies, and procedures by ensuring self and subordinate employees are in compliance with Company and department policies, health and safety rules and regulations, as well as strict adherence to SOPs and cGMPs
  • Supervises and motivates direct reporting staff by assigning duties to each employee, explaining how these duties are to be done and communicating how the successful performance of those duties will be measured
  • Monitor environmental conditions
  • Maintain a safe environment in which employees are protected from physical, chemical and biological hazards
  • Participate in conducting internal audits, as directed.
  • Head activities in preparation of annual management reviews
  • Full Time
  • May occasionally be required to report on weekends


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Biology or related science or related field
  • 5 years of experience in contact center quality assurance teams
  • A solid track record demonstrating the ability to manage team performance, results and development
  • Proven ability to communicate and work seamlessly with both technical and business teams