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Lab Processing Manager

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Required Skills:

Job Description

The Processing Manager facilitates and supervises the process of commercial concentrate production. The Processing Manager is required to critically assess biomass, actuate respective production goals and develop and oversee each stage of the process to materialize these goals. The Manager is responsible for gathering critical data to evaluate each process and present weekly productivity reports to his supervisors. The Manager is required to maintain compliance with state guidelines and manage operations in accordance with company standards to meet production goals. The Manager is expected to develop and roll out new product lines and formulations.

This position is responsible for the development of standard operating procedures for each machine and station, and integrating proprietary processing techniques to maintain a competitive advantage amongst cannabis processors around the world. The process Manager is responsible for providing a clear plan of action for employees to reach established goals set forth by management to attain department bonus potential. The ideal Processing Manager will have experience in process chemistry design, process related research and development, laboratory equipment troubleshooting, analytical chemistry, laboratory design, understand terpene and cannabinoid properties and behavior, fluence, preservation techniques and separation chemistry.


  • Provide expert recommendations on specific marijuana product formulations to meet the needs of patients and strategic approaches set forth by the executive team.
  • Oversee daily laboratory activities for extraction and processing of cannabis products.
  • Assess the product inventory requirements and coordinate with grow team to ensure an adequate supply of cannabis is available to meet all facets of the company’s strategic approach.
  • Provide weekly, monthly, annual reporting on production of medical cannabis products, projections, and compliance.
  • Manage vendor relationships and remain current for extraction and processing equipment to ensure quality of equipment.
  • Coordinate with state-approved laboratories to provide samples for regular testing of plant material and extracted product and ensure all results are documented in compliance with state regulations.
  • Ensure that sanitation, safety and security protocols are strictly enforced throughout the facility in accordance with the company’s standard operating procedures and state regulations.
  • Forecast and source in conjunction with the fulfillment department to ensure that products are produced in accordance with demand.
  • Manage extraction and processing facility personnel, ensuring all standard operating procedures are strictly adhered. Including all METRC processes and Functions.
  • Ensure all extraction and processing personnel are fully trained on the company’s procedures and policies, and reinforced or updated as needed.
  • Design statistically grounded studies to optimize each individual piece of equipment and process to meet efficiency, efficacy, and quality targets set forth by the executive team.
  • M-F 8am – 5pm


  • Must be 21 years of age or older to apply
  • Must comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry