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There Is More To Cannabis Staffing Than You Think

My recent interview with Craig Petersmark, the owner of United Green staffing agency, opened my eyes to the nuances, challenges, and strategy it takes to build an ‘A’ team for cannabis companies. The Mary Jane Society · There Is More To A Cannabis Staffing Agency Than You Think For instance, there is an extreme demand […]

Job Security and Stability? Join the Cannabis Industry!

Coming up almost 88 years after the prohibition of alcohol, there is a not-so-new plant fighting for the same freedom among the people. Across the nation there are sweeping calls for the legalization of cannabis. With over 70% of states having legalized medical marijuana and half of those decriminalizing it, there is a broad notion […]

Michigan’s Rapid Cannabis Progression

Michigan first legalized medicinal cannabis back in 2008. It was not until ten years later in 2018 that Michigan came back to make the plant fully recreational in every capacity. With medicinal already having a ten-year head start on the rest of the industry, Michigan had a rough blueprint of what was to come post […]

Exploring Opportunities in the Cannabis Space

Have you ever thought about getting into cannabis, but don’t know where or how to start in Michigan? There are many, many different avenues to go down whether you’re just getting started, have experience already, or are well-versed in all things green. At The United Green, we staff all business areas of the cannabis industry […]

CapStone Holdings Inc. Invests in United Green

CapStone Holdings, a business incubator and investment group, today announced a strategic investment in The United Green, a national staffing agency with industry-specific workplace solutions for the expanding legal cannabis and hemp industries. The United Green investment – $2 million – is the latest by CapStone Holdings in well-established companies serving medicinal marijuana needs. Prior […]

United Green Completes Independent Third-party Certification By UpLVL

Our Team at United Green is extremely pleased to announce the completion of our independent third-party certification. UpLVL has worked diligently in researching and documenting our Standards and Processes over a long period at United Green. UpLVL has a very professional staff and their format  provides instant credibility to a market that needs a quality […]