Michigan first legalized medicinal cannabis back in 2008. It was not until ten years later in 2018 that Michigan came back to make the plant fully recreational in every capacity. With medicinal already having a ten-year head start on the rest of the industry, Michigan had a rough blueprint of what was to come post recreational legalization. Enter Proposal 1 passing back in November of 2018. Michigan was already primed to take off, but when the proposal passed, we saw businesses and people alike flock to the area like it was the new wild West. The wild Mid-West if you will. For historical pun-purposes, we will refer to this as the Green Rush. This rush is celebrated by both social stoners and business tycoons looking to get closer to their respective green since the first states went recreational back in 2012.

We have seen businesses popping up left and right with creativity like never before. The legal game changed almost everything. This brings us to our team here at The United Green in 2018, a staffing company that, like many others, saw an opportunity to join an industry with limitless potential and growth opportunities. With a lot of big money being poured into a developing market, we wanted to position ourselves to help both the tycoons and those that are looking to just get their feet wet in the industry. We are here to assist in every situation and building a diverse network of hardworking individuals and companies alike has been a benefit of this process. We are fit to handle anything in our position, and we look to advance and grow along with the industry for possibilities that, potentially, even we haven’t thought of yet.

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