Whether it’s a global pandemic or an onslaught of legal challenges, the cannabis industry is the most powerful job creator in America. By 2025, it’s expected to approach $45 billion annually as more states legalize the plant.

In other words, the cannabis job market is booming, and it’s about to get more confusing. Working with a specialized cannabis headhunter or staffing agency gives you a leg up as a company or as a candidate. 

As more businesses pop up, the smart thing to do is work with a leading recruitment firm that understands the hiring process from start to finish. Here’s why The United Green is your best choice when choosing a cannabis staffing agency to work with:

You Get Access to Contacts in the Third Largest Cannabis Market

Did you know Michigan is the third largest cannabis market in the United States? Founded and headquartered in Michigan, our team plays a major role in building some of the biggest cannabis brands and teams in the state.

What does this mean? You get exclusive access to our agency’s close-knit network that we’ve spent years developing. With loyal, long-term contacts, The United Green can confidently fill your cannabis job openings or get you in the door for the career of your dreams.

Candidates are Connected by People – Not Just Tech

At The United Green, we believe in the power of people. 

Rather than relying solely on technology, we match candidates and clients to the desired culture. Our talent specialists screen and interview each potential candidate before submitting. 

We use people to staff people. This is unique to United Green in the cannabis staffing space, connecting you more effectively to new roles and careers. Our expert staffing team builds trusted relationships with all partners and job seekers to learn about their core values.

We’re not just sending candidates from a database. Each candidate is vetted to meet your needs. Our teams come to understand the culture of clients and the career goals of job seekers.

Once we identify the types of employees our partners are looking for, we begin a multi-staged vetting and interview process. We ensure candidates have the required skill sets and goals that align with the client’s culture. This process puts both job seekers and clients in a position to win and grow in this emerging industry.

Find Flexible Employment Options for the Best Fit

As the cannabis industry becomes more sophisticated, businesses will shift away from traditional business models and cultures. The United Green recognizes that every company has a unique culture and business model. We adapt our strategy to fit your needs.  

As such, we offer a number of cannabis career options, including:

We take a hands-on, modernized approach with our partners and job seekers. Many staffing agencies prioritize filling an open position quickly, but this leads to mismatched expectations between candidates and companies. 

Our talent specialists adapt to ensure all parties are aligned in their values, goals, and needs. Candidates won’t be locked into long-term roles they may end up not enjoying. And the candidate-sourcing process won’t be rushed to give a partner a quick win. Instead, we emphasize flexibility.

Both Job Seekers and Employers are Advocated for

With an extensive network of partners and job seekers, our goal at The United Green is to create successful professional relationships.  

Our agency has open, honest conversations with both candidates and companies to negotiate salaries. Let’s come to a number we can all agree on. This transparency throughout the interview process ensures that both parties are on the same page and happy with the outcome.

Our recruiting team advocates for both job seekers and employers to deliver service and value. There are plenty of exciting opportunities for cannabis job seekers.

Save Costs and Frustration with Employee Trial Periods

As the cost of hiring continues to rise and people raise their expectations of employers, The United Green offers a win-win solution for all. 

Who doesn’t love a guarantee? Our probationary periods with candidates guarantees they align with the company culture and qualifications before finalizing the hire. The trial period also allows job seekers to determine if they’re happy with the placement before signing on the dotted line.

These contract options save costs for our partners while giving candidates an opportunity to earn a full-time job in cannabis. This trial period can apply at any level in the industry, whether you’re getting your foot in the door or you’re an executive.

Looking to Connect with Top Cannabis Talent?

As a cannabis staffing agency, we assist companies across the United States with finding top industry talent to aid your company’s growth. Our recruiters also connect clients to our manufacturing partners and farms for wholesale needs.

Interested in growing your cannabis team or finding a job? Contact us to get started or browse our cannabis industry job openings.

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